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Beyondmilk|Take! Drives Brand Traffic Growth With In-store Marketing Strategy

Beyondmilk, a plant-based milk brand, partnered with Take! in March 2023 to increase foot traffic and sales at its physical stores. The partnership successfully established pre-sales interactions and exposure displays at locations outside of stores. This strategy highlights Beyondmilk's spirit of innovation and breakthrough, as it breaks away from traditional marketing to showcase the brand's value and win the favor of consumers.

First, Take! started with video ads on its machines in shopping malls in Taipei and New Taipei City. These ads cleverly piqued consumers' curiosity, prompting them to click through and participate in the campaign.

Next, consumers who interacted with the machines were eligible to receive a free ice cream voucher from Beyondmilk, which further incentivized them to visit the store.

In addition, Take! invited food influencers to promote the campaign on social media, which effectively increased brand awareness and attracted more attention.

The campaign for Beyondmilk was a huge success, with a total of 1,500 vouchers issued, 700 of which were redeemed at the store, and 30% of redeemers made further purchases. Compared to previous campaigns, Beyondmilk saw a 10% increase in foot traffic. This successful case study demonstrates that Take! can indeed stimulate consumer interest and purchase intent in a machine-oriented retail environment, presenting the value of new-style marketing strategies.

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