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McCTILL | To convey the value and pursuit of beauty

McCTILL is not only a leader in skin beauty regeneration, but also a role model for brands that dare to try and explore. take! partners with this innovative and groundbreaking brand to convey their values in a new way and bring beauty to more people.

In October 2022, McCTILL launched the Water Rose Essence Moisturizing Series on vending machines, which received positive reviews from consumers and attracted many new offline customers. Therefore, this year, McCTILL launched a phased promotional campaign to coincide with the launch of new products in different periods. Three new products were distributed: All-Round Mystery Repair Glacier Essence Lotion, Eau de Parfum Trial Set, and All-Peptide Anti-Aging Trial Set. The vending machine outer membrane and video exposure were used in shopping malls to facilitate the development of the offline market in the future.

The take! smart experience machine's new media promotional approach is the key to opening the door to consumers for McCTILL. We not only allow consumers to experience the products firsthand, but also convey the brand's values and philosophy to everyone!

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