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DEAR DAHLIA|Korean Brand EC forTaiwan marketing event

DEAR DAHLIA, a Korean vegan beauty brand, entered the Taiwanese market in 2023. The brand initially launched its e-commerce website to make its products available to consumers. To reach new customers, DEAR DAHLIA used a variety of channels, including LINE, department stores, and surveys.

On LINE, DEAR DAHLIA ran campaigns to promote its products and generate leads. The brand also conducted surveys to better understand its customers' needs and preferences.

In department stores, DEAR DAHLIA partnered with retailers to set up sample stations and product displays. This gave customers the opportunity to try out DEAR DAHLIA products before they bought them.

Traditional marketing methods, such as advertising and public relations, can be expensive. For example, to hire staff to distribute samples and run billboard ads in several department stores, DEAR DAHLIA would need to spend at least NT$1 million per month.

In contrast, take! is a cost-effective way to acquire customers and generate sales. The platform charges a fee of NT$100,000 per month, which is only 10% of the cost of traditional marketing. Additionally, take! provides DEAR DAHLIA with a list of potential customers who have expressed interest in the brand.

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