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AROMASE | New Member Recruitment Campaign

AROMASE is the first hair care company in Taiwan that focuses on herbal scalp care. Through comprehensive services such as "scalp health care" and "one-on-one customer service consultation", it helps consumers to improve their scalp problems. To AROMASE, members are the brand's greatest asset. Loyal members will bring the brand endless energy and motivation to move forward. Therefore, AROMASE not only strives to provide excellent service, but also hopes to give consumers the best first impression and solve their doubts about the products.

AROMASEuse the take! experience machine to solve this pain point.

In March 2021, they deployed three machines for three months in high-traffic areas, including Nangang Xinyi, Showtai Department Store, and Taipei Main Station, to distribute samples and e-commerce discount coupons.

The first experience event was a great success, even receiving a five-star rating on Google. Of the participants, 60% said they learned about the event from passers-by, and 95% of the recipients became new LINE friends. Due to the success of the event, AROMASE decided to increase its collaboration with Nana and distribute 100,000 products across Taiwan, using the take! smaet experience machine's "reverse scan" function to send new member gifts:

- A 50ml AROMASE face mask

- A 10% discount on the first purchase

- Access to exclusive member events and promotions

The new campaign was even more successful than the first, with over 10,000 new members signing up in the first month. AROMASE attributes the success of the campaign to the take! experience machine's ability to reach a large audience and generate excitement for the brand.

On average, the machine can attract 2,000 to 3,000 new members per month to redeem samples. By binding friends to the machine, AROMASE can not only track the data and results of its marketing campaigns, but also conduct subsequent segmented marketing to customers who have already been tagged. This helps AROMASE to deepen its membership management.


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