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MAOUP|Bringing A New Pet-friendly Experience

As the pet market continues to grow, brands like MAOUP are using their keen insights to deeply understand the needs of pet owners. MAOUP is committed to providing the highest quality pet products, but effectively communicating this care and commitment is a challenge. That's why MAOUP has partnered with take! to redefine the way pet brands advertise, providing pet owners with a new pet-loving experience.

Through take! experiential marketing, MAOUP has successfully achieved comprehensive service for pet owners, while providing high-quality pet care products, and conveying brand values and emotions to every pet owner. This new media advertising method allows us to reach pet owners more directly, build deeper connections with them, and bring MAOUP a new interactive experience. Pet owners can directly pick up the brand's hypoallergenic skincare feed at take! and take them home for their pets to try.

Product experience not only increases consumers' trust in the brand, but also makes the relationship between pet owners and their pets closer and more in line with the needs of pet owners. Regularly launching new flavor formulas provides pet owners with more choices. We believe that such cooperation will bring more success and growth to MAOUP!

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