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take! Your Success in Taiwan

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    Vending machines help to 

  • Know Your Users {More}

  • Promote Your Brand {Locally}

  • Build Your {Very First} Fans

What is take?

Demo Video

1. Acquire SNS Users
2. Drive Users to Real Stores
3. Reward Signup or Download
5. Member Reward & Engagement

Our Service

Market Entry Research

1.Research Design

Define your research

goals&target audience.

2.Smart Sampling

Build panel in your social media by smart sampling.

3.Select Panel

Narrow down your panel

from pre-survey.

4.After-trial Survey

Collect feedback with long survey from the panel.

5.Analyze Data

To find meaningful insights for product launch.

Try Before You Sell

Pre-trial Quick Survey

The pre-trial quick survey includes

gender, age, occupation by default, and you can customize up to 3 more questions.

After-trial Long Survey

The After-trial long survey by next day push message,you can learn about users’ feedback on the product.

Show Case

截圖 2023-10-04 下午11.46.08.png

Brand's chicken essence launched a campaign targeting working professionals and tech workers in Taipei with take! 

The campaign featured interactive sampling machines at three major tech hubs in Taipei. Over 10,000 samples were distributed.


Kissme gel eyeliner campaign at department stores frequented by women generated over 2,000 social media engagements.

Take! enabled customers to try out the eyeliner and share their looks online.

Our Clients


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